European Dimension

The European dimension of the EWoB project: “A clear European focus based on transnational cooperation”

Enrichment of European boards, with more women, catalyzed by (i) increase of cross European mandates (ii) more boardroom diversity in line with boards’ needs, (iii) high level of ethics and values contributing to confidence and trust of shareholders and stakeholders;

Contribution at European level to the efficiency of the “market” for board mandates, with the corresponding added value in terms of better allocation of talents;

Dissemination throughout European boards of the best practices of corporate governance, contributing to the upgrading of the European level playing field in corporate governance;

Setting up of a package of services (training, mentoring, coaching, exchange of practices), favoring cross exchange of knowledge and experience at European level, thus contributing to the improvement of European human capital;

Contribution to strategic debate on European boards, for a better integration of balanced business model (long term and short term, cost and non-financial competitiveness) in line with EU 2020 objective for a “smart, inclusive and sustainable growth”.

Added value transfer at European level

A key objective of the project is to create a platform of exchange and dissemination at European level in relation to the above added-value factors. As a result, the benefit to Europe as a whole will exceed that obtained at purely the national level.