Our Goals

To develop the premier European network of “first tier” non-profit organisations aimed at promoting and increasing the supply of women on boards, to address the quantitative shortfall of women on boards in Europe: only 20% (of NED in listed companies) at a time when the European Union intends to promote a target of 40% in 2020 in roughly 5.000 companies,

To promote a valuable female talent pool and thus to contribute to improve the efficiency of the “market” for board mandates at European level, to cope with a lack of accessibility and visibility to boards preventing many highly talented women from reaching these top decision-making positions, and to increase international visibility of board-ready women and understanding of their added value to boards,

To participate actively in the debate on how diversity on boards can contribute to improvements on the one hand, in the practice of corporate governance and, on the other hand, in innovation and more balanced business models, when there is a pressing need for companies to improve their competitiveness and to rethink their business models.