Our Values


At corporate level, innovation is a key competitiveness factor to create long term differential advantages. A Board shall be the Innovation keeper of the company, making sure that all inside and outside innovation is duly captured by the management at the service of corporate strategic interests.


At corporate level, inclusiveness creates an environment where opportunity exists for both genders to participate to boards and advisory/decision making bodies and contribute in to the organization’s success. It also favors a business model rooted in co creation of sustainable value with all stakeholders of a company. A board shall make sure that inclusiveness is a criteria duly considered in designing strategy and deciding projects of development.


At corporate level, collective intelligence has become a key success factor for long term performance. For a large part, the efficiency of a Board is a matter of collective intelligence.


At corporate level, integrity in behaviors of staff and management contributes to trust, this invisible institution on which are based long term relationships with stakeholders and finally growth and credit. A board shall show exemplarity as far as integrity is concerned.


At corporate level, it means to share a vision and an action plan to reach this ambition. Involvement of the Board is a necessary condition to the performance of its works and the quality of its decisions.


At corporate level, interaction is a subtle game of dependencies and interdependencies, which shall arrive to a relevant equilibrium point between players and their respective interests (management, Board, shareholders, stakeholders, environment…). Board shall keep specific attention to assure balanced equity between the players of this eco system.

Intangible Values

At corporate level, these intangible values open on to intangible assets as human capital, innovation and creativity, patents, know-how and experience, long term relationship with clients, shareholders, stakeholders, efficient organization processes, high level of governance. This intangible capital is becoming a major source of qualitative competitiveness and one of the best paths to a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. A Board shall make sure that intangible assets are taken into account, at an appropriate level of priority, in strategy, investment and financing policies, risk management, measurement of performance, financial and extra financial information and communication.