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The Power of Diversity @ Deutsche Bank

Diversity is part of Deutsche Bank’s DNA. The success of the Bank rests on the diversity of perspectives, skills, professional experiences, cultural backgrounds, ideas and lifestyles of our employees from 140 nationalities. Diversity is also a key component of our values and beliefs. Diverse teams unmistakably generate better ideas and reach more balanced decisions. While there is still more to do, progress is being made in creating diverse teams at all levels of the Bank. Recently, a group of Deutsche Bank women presented the findings of their research into the products and services that the Bank could specifically tailor to its female retail clients. A range of these have since been adopted:

Belgium: the group proposed a complementary pension saving scheme for women to help retirees maintain the same life standards as during their working lives.
Italy: a targeted advisory model was developed to help women pursue their life goals, achieve economic independence and meet their retirement needs.
India: a savings plan customised to the needs of the country’s urban women was launched in May 2013.
Portugal: Three different types of products designed for new-born children were introduced as part of the “DB Born” initiative.
Spain: A card that offers additional personal customer benefits, known as “VISA FAMILIA db”, has been successfully launched.

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56% : the increase in the number of female Directors at Deutsche Bank since 2007.