Profile expected from Talent Pool

 Languages: English as the most common business language; the practice of several other languages is a plus;

 Ethical standards: full compliance with fit and proper standards of business and governance ethics (specifically in some industries which are regulated such as insurance, banking, etc.). Demonstration by CV of high ethical standards through involvement in CSR issuers or non-profit organisations, for example: would be a plus;

Desire to support and share an organization’s mission and to serve corporate interest on board;

High‐profile leadership: to possess the skills and capacity required to build and evolve a strategic vision by conceptualizing key trends and innovation, supporting high-quality dialogue, demonstrating commitment and perseverance, while remaining constructively critical towards established patterns and any group mindset;

Significant (general) management experience: as CEO or equivalent (or P&L manager of a large division: monitoring the net income after expenses for a large department or an entire organization, with direct influence on how company resources are allocated, ensuring that every project or activity is generating positive ROI). As management is not the only route to a NED, other relevant high level experience will be considered. Please explain;

International experience: 5 to 10 years’ international experience, gained through education, employment or living outside her country and/or through previous senior relations involving extensive international professional contacts;

Existing board experience : demonstrating former or existing board experience as a board member (chair of the board, non-executive and/or executive positions, member of committees…);
Wide experience and in-depth industry knowledge at a technical, legal, fiscal and/or financial level, including knowledge of the risks inherent to the activities and techniques used to manage these; or capacity to understand and control them;

Accounting: familiarity with reading and interpreting company financial statements and with international accounting standards;

Public affairs: familiarity with public and policy-making forums insofar as they affect business in general or the sector in which the enterprise is operating;

Public Relations: cultivating relevant business and personal relationships at national and international level;

Effective spokesperson: articulate, concise; ability to effectively make a point/express an opinion in meetings; ability to effectively advocate for the organization; ability to represent the views of the organization as necessary;

Flexibility: the ability and availability to perform the required tasks, coupled with a readiness to learn on an ongoing basis; capacity to work in a collective environment where decisions are taken collegially, capacity to manage crisis;

Availability and engagement: readiness and availability to perform effective preparation and regularly attend board/committee meetings (including to travel to meetings).