EWoB network  covers 9 countries with 10 members, all top tier organisations promoting women on boards. The EWoB membership began with a first circle of founding members in 4 European countries (Belgium, Finland, France and Norway). Soon after EWoB’s foundation, the UK joined as fifth member, and was followed by other new members from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Our objective is to expand the EWoB membership to cover all of the European Union and EEA area.



logo Women on board


Women on Board 

Represented by Cécile Coune, co-founder

(Founding member)

Women on Board is a non-profit association created to promote female access to directorship roles within Belgian enterprises (public and private). In December 2009, a group of five women sharing the vision of increasing female board representation in Belgian private and public enterprises decided to create a “pool” of women with skills and experience beneficial to many boards. Women on Board has now achieved its primary goals:

  • to create a pool of talented women ready to take up board positions, and
  • to facilitate access to this pool for Belgian enterprises searching for female directors.

With a pool of more than 220 skilled women, the Association is providing private and public enterprises with free-access to the pool. Its objective of convincing enterprises to make the change happen and promoting and facilitating greater female board representation is progressively materialising, as witnessed by the fact that more and more companies are contacting Women on Board and appointing female board members. The access to the pool’s database is free of charge both for enterprises and search firms.


Women on Board has five founding members: Sonja Rottiers, Emmanuèle Attout, Marie Evrard, Françoise Roels and Cécile Coune. Together with their male fellow board members, Philippe Lambrecht, FEB/VBO Secretary General, and Dirk Tirez, BPost Secretary General, they form the board of directors of the association, meeting at least four times a year.

The five founding members are forming the Management committee, exercising their role as a non-compensated contribution to a societal change, in their free time. They occupy a high-level executive or non-executive or partner position in their respective firm(s). They are assisted by an administrative coordination officer and by an external HR consultant.


Czech Republicodyssey


Represented by its founder, Muriel Anton

(Full member)


About Odyssey:

Odyssey is the first central and eastern European cross-company, cross-industry mentoring program for women. It is a non-commercial mentoring project supported by female and male leaders, which creates an ideal platform to match aspiring talented female professionals with experienced mentors. In the long-term, Odyssey hopes to establish a culture of mentoring in the CEE region, provide a center of excellence for the development of female business leaders and increase diversity in the local business environment.


Our history: Odyssey was launched in March 2010 under the leadership of Muriel Anton (then CEO, Vodafone CR), Petr Šimůnek (then Chief Editor, Hospodářské noviny), Jan Bubeník (Executive Partner, Bubenik Partners) and Pepper de Callier (Founder, Prague Leadership Institute). It is now running its sixth season in the Czech Republic, second season in Slovakia and first season in Hungaria.




Board Professionals

Represented by its Chair, Iris Karjula

(Founding member) 

Board Professionals Finland – BPF –  is a rapidly growing organisation with over 140 female members, representing high quality and successful women directors’ active at executive and top levels in different organisations and companies. We work for strengthening diversity on boards through public discussions, professional networking and seminars as well as inspiring activities for the members.
The objective of Board Professionals BPF Finland is to promote diversity and advocate highly professional and ethical board work as well as to bring forward professional, qualified women directors by an arena for networking and further development for women directors in Finland. Regular activities include seminars with top notch speakers, training programmes, mentoring programmes, networking with other women leaders’ organisations in Finland. The association has decided to strengthen its international networking and collaboration in order to create a platform for seeking cross-border directorships for its members.

BPF is lead by a board, consisting of a Chair and seven board members.




Association des Femmes Diplômées d’Expertise Comptable Administrateurs (AFECA)

Represented by its Co-chair, Marie-Ange Andrieux

(Founding member)

AFECA was created in October 2010 and is co-chaired by Marie-Ange Andrieux and Marie-Dominique Cavalli.logo-AFECA-2015-seul-petit-format


  • To contribute to reach quotas set by the French law (Loi Copé Zimmermann January 28th, 2011i.e. 40% of women on boards in 2017, in large and medium-sized enterprises), by providing board ready certified public accountant women,
  • To contribute to board’s performance and ethics through competencies, expertise and professional deontology of certified public accountant women,
  • To contribute for certified public accountant women by their professional expertise and all work capitalized by their institutional bodies, to disseminate best practice of corporate governance, of risk management, of financial and extra financial reporting, of evaluation of tangible and intangible assets, and thus to contribute to innovative business models for a “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”,
  • To provide certified public accountant women with services of training, coaching, mentoring in line with board’s and boards committees’ needs,
  • To promote and value the women capital of the profession,
  • To develop visibility of the organization in the economic and financial community, at national, European and international level, including with surveys on women on boards in France and events or other communication actions (press and media) dedicated to governance and competitiveness, in order to identify and disseminate best practice

Organization and governance:

  • AFECA is a non-profit organization with 600 members, all chartered accountant women, i.e. 15% of the female profession. AFECA’s objective is to enlarge this membership in the long run, knowing that in France, there are 4000 chartered accountant women out of 20.000 chartered accountants. AFECA’s organization is supported by 12 regional delegations, covering the French territory, ruled by the Charter of Regional Delegations (a set of values, ethics principles and goals of strategic development).
  • AFECA’s Board is co-chaired by Marie-Ange Andrieux and Marie-Dominique Cavalli, with six vice-chairs (as of June, 30, 2015). Five of its board members are designated by the President of Conseil Supérieur de l’Ordre des Experts Comptables (French Institute of Certified Public Accountants).
  • AFECA is supported by the Conseil Supérieur de l’Ordre des Experts Comptables (French Institute of Certified Public Accountants), which represents its major source of financing, along with membership fees and partnership fees.
  • AFECA has developed a long term partnership with Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes (Independent Institute of the Statutory auditors in France).
  • AFECA is affiliate member of ecoDa (European Confederation of Directors’ Associations) and founding member of EWoB (European Women on Boards).

Main activities:

1. Improve the women human capital of certified public accountants:

  • To make women’s talents visible: A platform of talents, as a directory focusing on profiles and competencies of its members, to serve governance and competitiveness of companies,
  • Annual survey on women on Boards in French listed companies,
  • To develop women’s added value: A Training offer with a package regularly enriched by new sessions to develop “hard skills” and “soft skills” of its members to serve Board efficiency (for ex: training to the function of director/training to be member of audit committee), and successful integration on board, to support identified targets especially small and medium companies, listed or not (for ex: training to culture, strategy, governance and financing of this type of companies), to enhance female and human capital of accounting firms (for ex: public speaking, coaching, directorship, social networking, innovation management),
  • To create social links and visibility in the profession: a Newsletter, a web site with interactivity, a frequent presence at professional events (National congress, Regional events…) or in professional communication tools (for ex: articles in national reviews as Revue SIC),
  • To develop visibility of talents outside of the profession: press & media actions, social networks, Public relations events (morning sessions, eye-to eye meetings…)

2. Contribute to governance as an opportunity of performance, growth and competitiveness:

  • To develop relationship with companies to highlight the added value of the women human capital of AFECA members in the boardrooms and in its committees (direct contacts with listed companies, mainly of SBF 250 index).
  • To create proximity with small and medium companies all over French territory through local contacts via AFECA’s regional delegations, as AFECA has the conviction that these companies shall benefit by an efficient governance to support their strategy of development and financing,
  • To create visibility and links with key stakeholders of corporate governance (investors, shareholders, institutions representing board directors…)
  • To produce added value contributions for best practice, for ex:

Annual survey on women on boards in France. See last one in 2015 in companies of Euronext Paris and Alternext Paris

Minutes of Matinale in March 2015 on “Women capital and competiveness in an innovation and digital economy”

3. Share dynamics of regional, national and European networks

  • At regional level: to leverage AFECA’s network of regional delegations to contribute to platforms of innovation and competiveness to serve local growth and employment creation,
  • At national level: to develop steady presence to and relationship with institutions representing stakeholders of corporate governance in the public and private sectors. As a result, AFECA is registered in the French Guide of Haut Conseil à l’Egalité entre les femmes et les hommes, council reporting to French Prime Minister.
  • At European level: to be active as affiliate member of ecoDa ( and as founding member of EWoB. Marie-Ange Andrieux,  Co-chair of AFECA is also Co-chair of EWoB.

Its main activities are:

  • Services in training and coaching for AFECA’s members
  • Regular relationships with institutions representing enterprises, financial players, academics, think tank
  • Communication to enhance visibility  (press articles, Media, organisation of and participation to events…)


Represented by Virginie Chapron-du-Jeu, General Secretary

(Anchor member)


Financi’Elles, the French leading federation that unites today 12 networks of women executives in banking, finance and insurance, has set itself the mission of helping to accelerate the gender diversity agenda and improve access for women to the top echelons of the finance sector management. Created in 2010, Financi’Elles represents over 6,000 women from Axa, BPCE, Caisse des Dépôts, Crédit Agricole, Eurazeo, General Electric, HSBC, Humanis, ING Bank France, Maaf, Malakoff Médéric, Société Générale.





Represented by its Chair, Monika Schultz-Strelow

(Anchor member)

FidAR – campaigning for more women on supervisory boards


Since 2006 FidAR has been striving for more women to be appointed to the supervisory boards of German companies. Our work has made a significant contribution to strengthening political and social awareness of the importance of appointing a larger number of women to senior management positions and board functions. FidAR is an independent non-partisan German network for women and men, who support the idea of equal chances.




Valore D

Represented by Sandra Mori

(Full member)


Valore D is the first association of large companies formed in Italy in order to support women’s leadership in the corporate world. Our mission is to support and increase women’s representation in top positions in major Italian companies through tangible and concrete actions. Funded in 2009 by 12 enlightened companies, it now has 144 members.
The activity of Valore D in support of women’s leadership is developed in three directions: towards women managers, Italian companies and society as a whole. Valore D promotes an innovative corporate structure that overcomes the implicit gender bias and favors reconciliation, provides women managers the tools and knowledge relevant to their professional growth and proposes a new cultural model that includes the full participation of women in the economic and social life of the country.
Companies are at the heart of our association, as we believe that they have the fundamental role of transferring into management decisions the necessity of having more women be able to determine the strategies of industries. They can do this by identifying career paths based on talent and merit, creating talent pools where they can draw for summit positions and by promoting the recognition of a different kind of leadership from the prevalent one. Our role is to make all of this easier and faster, by encouraging the sharing of best practices and pooling objectives, instruments and strategies.

Through the innovative programme ‘In the Boardroom’, Valore D is helping over 200 women from the fields of business, academia and politics to strengthen their competences and skills, which are necessary to successfully perform the role of board member. The programme, launched in 2012 together with GE Capital, Linklaters and Egon Zehnder encourages companies to identify internal potential candidates and provides participants with training, coaching and networking opportunities, as well as with information and support in applying for board positions.




the Netherlandstalenttop

Talent Naar de Top and D&I Comapny

(Full member)

Talent naar de Top, in an alliance with Opportuniteit in Bedrif/Advies now under the name D&I (for Diversity and Inclusion)

Talent naar de Top

The Talent to the Top Foundation focuses on facilitating, encouraging and advising government, employers and top male and female talent who are intrinsically motivated to promote the recruitment, promotion and retention of women at the top of organizations. The Foundation developed the Talent to the Top Charter which is an employers’ code to make a voluntary commitment for an effective and sustainable gender diversity policy. Based on the Charter the 250 Charter signatories are monitored and benchmarked on a yearly basis. The foundation developed, in cooperation with executive search firms, a code for executive search firms, which aims to enhance their performance regarding gender diversity. The foundation also formed a high level group of Ambassadors, who will promote the mission of the foundation both inside and outside their organisation.

D&I Company

Represented by Mariette Turkenburg, Erik Blokhuis, Mariëlle de Macker, Louise Out-van Staveren and Jan-Willem Weck


D&I Company is the outcome of a merger in 2016 between two prominent professional organisations in the area of diversity & inclusion: Talent to the Top and Opportunity in Bedrijf/Opportunity Advies. D&I Company’s CommunityCharter and Consultancy services help achieve genuine diversity & inclusion. Showing organisations, leaders and teams how to harness the power of diversity to build an inclusive, innovative organization is core business.

D&I Company links theory and practice and participates actively in public and political debate about diversity & inclusion, helping to move the conversation forward. The basis is gender diversity, the focus is inclusion.

Charter, Community and consultancy

Several hundred organisations have already signed D&I Company’s Charter. That means that they’ve committed themselves to improving gender diversity in their organization, supported by D&I Company. It also makes them part of the D&I Community, a vanguard of companies that perform better with regard to diversity & inclusion.

Experienced consultants and trainers are there to help organizations. They offer a wide range of services, from advice and analysis to workshops, training and courses.




Norwegian Institute of Directors

Represented by Turid Solvang

(Founding member)


The Norwegian Institute of Directors was founded march 24th 2009 by Grace R. Skaugen (Chairperson), Turid E. Solvang (Managing Director) and directors Svein Rennemo, Harald Norvik and Olaug Svarva.

The Institute aim to improve value creation of Norwegian companies through good corporate governance and contribute to development of best pratice board work.

Our key objective is to be a network and an arena for sharing of thoughts and experience between fellow board members by creating a forum for open dialogue in an informal atmosphere. The Norwegian Institute of Directors is member ecoDA (European Confederation of Directors’ Associations) and GCCD (Global Circle of Corporate Directors).

As gender balanced boards have been a reality in Norwegian companies since 2008 – thanks to the gender quota law – we also work to achieve gender balanced top management teams. European Woman on Boards is thus a unique cross-European platform for exchanging and sharing thoughts and experience.





Institute of Directors

Represented by Dr. Roger Barker

(Anchor member)

Founded in 1903 and granted a Royal Charter in 1906, is an independent, non-party political organisation of around 35,000 individual members. Its aim is to serve, support, represent and set standards for directors to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities for the benefit of society as a whole. In recent years, the IoD has actively promoted greater gender balance in boardrooms, both as a means of enhancing business performance and also in order to better align business leadership with the needs of a modern competitive economy. The IoD sees a greater role for women on boards as a prerequisite for improved corporate governance and business legitimacy.

The objectives of the Institute of Directors are :

  • Promote for the public benefit high levels of skill, knowledge, professional competence and integrity on the part of directors, and equivalent office holders however described, of companies and other organisations.
  • Promote the study, research and development of the law and practice of corporate governance, and to publish, disseminate or otherwise make available the useful results of such study or research
  • Represent the interests of members and of the business community to government and in the public arena, and to encourage and foster a climate favourable to entrepreneurial activity and wealth creation.
  • Advance the interests of members of the Institute, and to provide facilities, services and benefits for them.

The Board of the IoD provides the strategic oversight of the organisation and is made of Non-Executive and Executive Directors. The IoD Council is the membership oversight body and is comprised of Regional Representatives and Elected Members.

Our main sources of finance are membership subscriptions and revenues derived from delivering services such as director training courses.