EWoB Knowledge Centre


The key aim is to set up a “knowledge hub” on how to get information about how to promote and enhance gender diversity on boards. This platform of collaborative knowledge provides a forum to exchange best practices collected through EWoB member organisations, sponsors, local IoDs and other relevant stakeholders (corporate governance networks, academics, business associations, institutions, think-tanks…).

Companies can reach out to EWoB members for support and guidance on gender diversity on boards.

Individuals, especially board-ready women and women already on a board, can get access to reference and up-to-date information on promoting and enhancing women on boards.

This Knowledge Centre’s objectives are to:

– disseminate best corporate governance practice (to manage and control a company, to find a fair balance between corporate governance-related parties such as board, shareholders, stakeholders, management, etc)

– disseminate projects and experience on balanced business models and strategy schemes for a “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” (links to knowledge economy issues, human capital, innovation, intellectual assets, CSR, etc).

The Knowledge Centre is co-funded by the Progress Programme of the European Union.

Watch out for the launch of the Platform on this page on 6 October 2016.

EWoB Project Team: Marie-Ange Andrieux, Co-chair, Roger Barker, Director, and Karima Zahi, Project Manager