EWoB Talent Pool

Teamwork Business Team Meeting Unity Jigsaw Puzzle ConceptEWoB has set up this Talent Pool because one of our major strategic goals is to create and promote an online pool of talented board-ready women with the profile to fill in transnational directorship’s positions in Europe (Non-Executive Director’s or NED’s position(s)).

Indeed, EWoB believes that gender balance on companies’ boards is not an end in itself but supports the development of innovative business models for a smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth (Europe’s 2020 strategy). Companies who are looking for a board member can access our online talent pool in this section of our website soon. With their in-depth competences in different sectors (e.g. finance, banking, etc) and their experience in decision-making at the highest levels (CEO, CFO), these women are in a position to bring real added-value to a board.  The EWoB Talent Pool is co-funded by the Progress Programme of the European Union.


Access to EWoB Talent Pool 

If based in Europe, all companies (public and private), NFP associations and search firms will have free access to the database of the online EWoB Talent Pool by signing a Charter of Engagement detailing their obligations (motivated by a search for a woman NED, confidentiality, respect of privacy law, respect of candidate choice, reporting back to EWoB on result).

Watch out for the public launch of the EWoB Talent Pool on this page on 25 October 2016

EWoB Project Team: Cécile Coune, Co-chair, and Karima Zahi, Project Manager