Event on Women on Boards: Boarding in Europe

An exclusive EWoB and FidAR event in Berlin on Thursday 7th July. Follow on live stream here

EWoB and FidAR, German member of EWoB, are co-organising an exclusive event in the framework of the  FidAR-Forum VIII and the annual event of the European Women on Boards Network, a project co-funded by the European Union.

On this occasion, EWoB will launch the report of its qualitative study ‘Realizing Europe’s Potential: Experiences and Best Practices’ (available on the website from 7 July). This study is a follow-up of the quantitative study ‘Realizing Europe’s Potential: Progress and Challenges’.

 The “Women on Board: Boarding in Europe” event will take place in Berlin from 13.00 on 7 July.

The event will start with a number of thematic tables. EWoB will have the opportunity of presenting our various activities and projects at European level.

The keynote speech by Manuela Schwesig, German Federal Minister for Family, Seniors, Women and Young People, sponsor of the event with Sodexo, will be preceded by speeches by Monika Schulz-Strelow, Chair of FidAR and EWoB Director and Cécile Coune, Co-chairwoman of European Women on Boards (EWoB) who will outline the state of play regarding women in company boards in the European.

Other speakers include Ritva Koukku-Ronde, Finnish Ambassador in Berlin who will present experiences in Finland and Turid Solvang, Co Vice-chair of European Women on Boards, Managing Director, Institute of Directors in Norway will focus on the International Experience: Norway – 10 years after entry into force of the quota law and presentation of the EWoB qualitative study. Christiane Neumayer, Chair, 2020 Women on Boards New York Campaign Committee will also deliver a speech after a panel discussion on the experience of the new German law and some recommendations.

With the prospect of a large audience of important stakeholders among companies, European and national institutions, and civil society organisations, Cécile Coune and Marie-Ange Andrieux, EWoB Co-chairwomen, say: “This is a unique occasion for EWoB to proudly celebrate the achievements of our members, as well as to showcase the European Women on Boards Network, a ground-breaking project involving all EWoB’s members. With its actions, EWoB brings concrete solutions to increasing the participation of talented women on boards of directors across Europe “.

This event can be followed on 7 July from 15.00 CET on live stream on this link (in English and in German):


The EWoB annual event has been organised with the financial support of the Progress Programme of the European Union. The contents of this event are the sole responsibility of European Women on Boards asbl and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Commission.


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